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Safety & Tools


Proudly represented since 1996

Estex Manufacturing is a solutions provider in the management of tools and safety products. We are committed to our customer and excellence in everything we do.

Proudly represented since 2004

Over the last 60 years our reputation for quality, dependability and long-lasting product life has been field-tested in all 50 states and around the world. When you see our name, expect the best-because Hastings, hot line tools are our only business.

Proudly represented since 2016

PFISTERER is a leading specialist supplier and system provider in the field of energy infrastructure. Pfisterer shear bolt connectors offer safe, convenient reliability.


Proudly represented since 2002

As well as being the world's leading supplier of engineered laminated wood structures, LWS also makes top of the line on site utility solutions products. These include their PhaseRaiser, PoleEnforcer, and their adjustable vault reinforcement. 


Proudly Represented Since 2019

A leading supplier of identification systems for the utility market. Almetek offers a variety of ANSI labels, signs, and marking systems for safety applications. Proudly family owned and operated in the USA since 1975.

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Proudly represented since 2020

With over 40 years in the industry, our extensive line of battery-operated hydraulic tools is among the lightest, fastest and most ergonomically designed and balanced on the market. 

Proudly represented since 2020

A leading manufacturer in the utility industry featuring products such as pole pullers, material handling equipment for safe and efficient handling of poles, pole mounted transformers, pad mounted transformers, and wire reels. 

Proudly represented since 2020

Established in 1927, Sherman+Reilly remains a leading manufacturer of transmission and distribution equipment, including a complete range of overhead and underground pullers, tensioners, reel trailers, and reel stands. 

Proudly represented since 2020

REELSTRONG offers a full-line of pole and reel trailers that enhance safety, speed and maintenance by way of Pinless and Securelock™ technologies. REELSTRONG has been providing engineered solutions to the electrical utility market since 2006. 

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