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Proudly represented since 2000

Conex Cable is the only domestic company manufacturing both Aluminum-clad Steel wire and Galvanized Steel wire, both Class A and CONZINAL. Conex is cladding or galvanizing, drawing, and stranding all their product 100% in-house.

Proudly represented since 1999

With all manufacturing done in the USA, Nehring Electrical Works has been supplying the electrical utility market with copper and aluminum conductor for over 100 years.

Proudly represented since 1998

Power Delivery Products, Inc. is a market leader in fault detection products for electrical utility applications. High voltage fault indicators are available for basic, directional or smart applications.

Proudly represented since 2000

PLP is a worldwide designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality conductor anchoring and control hardware. From compression, fiber-optic, and string hardware to deadend, guying and dampening products, PLP has a solution.

Proudly represented since 1998

Prysmian Group is the world leader in high voltage cable 69kV-345kV, accessories and turnkey project solutions. 

Proudly represented since 2002

Laminated Wood Systems, Inc. is the worlds leading supplier of engineered laminated wood structures and wood pole management products to the electric utility and telecommunication industries. 


Proudly Represented Since 2019

A leading supplier of identification systems for the utility market. Almetek offers a variety of ANSI labels, signs, and marking systems for transmission applications. Proudly family owned and operated in the USA since 1975.

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Proudly represented since 2002

As one of the leading providers of utility structures in the US, we design and manufacture steel transmission structures from 69kV to 765kV, including: Single poles, H-frames, 3-pole, switch and other specialty structures.

Proudly represented since 2016

Pfisterer is a leading manufacturer and supplier in high voltage polymer insulators.


Proudly represented since 2024

Newell Porcelain, located in Columbiana, Ohio, has long been a preferred supplier to the utility market. Newell offers an expansive transmission product offering that includes glass and porcelain suspension insulators and porcelain line posts.

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