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Proudly represented since 1993


Just as their Cadweld has set the standard for exothermic welding, Erico sets the standard for grounding.

Proudly represented since 1999

LAPP Insulators Group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high voltage insulators. Lapp offers substation insulators in both porcelain and polymer. The Pfisterer encapsulated system for power transformers and GIS makes connections more flexible than ever before.

Proudly represented since 1999

With all manufacturing done in the USA, Nehring Electrical Works has been supplying the electrical utility market with copper and aluminum conductor for over 100 years.

Proudly represented since 1997

SEFCOR is the leading supplier of power connectors to the Electrical Utility Industry.

Proudly represented since 1993

WEG Power Transformers can be sourced from several North American facilities, including small power units from Washington, Missouri.

Proudly represented since 2002

Sabre offers a variety of tubular substation structures and a full line of substation buildings.


Proudly Represented Since 2019

A leading supplier of identification systems for the utility market. Almetek offers a variety of ANSI labels, signs, and marking systems for substation applications. Proudly family owned and operated in the USA since 1975.


Proudly represented since 2016

The PFISTERER corporate group, which now includes LAPP Insulators, is a leading specialist supplier  and system provider in the field of energy infrastructure. PFISTERER shear bolt connectors offer safe, convenient reliability

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